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...'the world's largest collection of vintage lawn mowers'...

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Perry Crewdson, PR Manager of Ransomes PLC, had the answer, to form a Trust; The Hall & Duck Trust. The private collections of Andrew Hall & Mike Duck were amalgamated, backed by Ransomes PLC who donated many of their historic artefacts.


Today the Hall & Duck Trust is an internationally recognised organisation, preserving all manner of artefacts from lawn mower development throughout the years and is also a respected authority on the history of the lawn-mower.


The Hall & Duck Trust collections house lawn mowers from the 1830s to the 1940s and also includes other period turf care equipment. Comprising of over 1000 machines, it also has extensive archives on lawn mower manufacturers and their sales ephemera. The Hall & Duck Trust is listed in the

Guinness Book of World Records.

Coldwell Model H USA 1915

Coldwell Model H, made in USA in 1915

Andrew and his mowers Oct 2022.jpg



Andrew with some of the 1,500 push-along vintage mowers he and his fellow collector Michael Duck have found and caringly maintained from across the whole of the UK.


The Hall & Duck Trust continually supports the Turf industry in education on its past and is also a member of the

Association of Independent Museums.


The Hall & Duck Trust is a proactive organisation, always looking to expand its collections, whether machinery or artefacts, from all sources in the turf industry their agents, dealers or end-users.


The Hall & Duck Trust


Collectors of vintage lawnmowers & housing a premier historic collection of mowers in Great Britain

Ransomes Patent 1902 Sportsfield mower

The Hall & Duck Trust was established in 1982.

The private collections of Andrew Hall and Mike Duck, who were well known lawn mower collectors, were commissioned by Ransomes PLC, for their exhibition celebrating 150 years of Ransomes Sims and Jefferies lawn mower manufacture.  The major exhibition was held at Windsor Racecourse within an Institute of Groundsmanship’s International show, SALTEX 1982.


The exhibition of lawn mowers manufactured throughout Ransomes production years was a great success; not just for Ransomes PLC, but also for the recognition it afforded the British invention that changed the world in sports and leisure: the lawn mower.   During the exhibition it became apparent that a lasting legacy to the development of the lawn mower within the turf care industry was needed.

 On Friday 8 August 2014, many national newspapers carried excellent articles on the Ransomes lawnmower we own. Click here to read the article in the Daily Mail and see some great pictures.

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