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The Hall & Duck Trust


Collectors of vintage lawnmowers & housing a premier historic collection of mowers in Great Britain

Mower 1


Andrew Hall - since boyhood, has been interested in gardens and collecting. On leaving school he gained an apprenticeship is horticulture with Sheffield's Parks Department& also received training in botany while working at the City's Botanical Gardens. Following his training in horticulture, Andrew formed his own landscaping business and became a lecturer in horticulture at a further education college in Sheffield.


Collecting was always in his blood and it was not long before clanking noises were coming from the shed at        

the bottom of his garden! Andrew has an uncontrollable appetite for collecting and it does not stop at lawn mowers. Other interests include collecting, identifying, pressing & mount examples of British flora & grasses.


Andrew also serves on the South West Committee of the Inst. of Groundsmanship & has been a guest lecturer for the Dept. of Landscape Technology at Springfield Technical Community

College, Springfield MA, USA since 1999

Mike Duck - has always been interested in horticulture. On leaving school he was an apprentice gardener on Sir Ian Lyle's estate at Barrington Court, Somerset, now a National Trust property.


From his first day at work Mike was working with antique

machines because the estate, like so many others, never

threw anything away. Mike became attached to these old relics and they started to follow him home.


Soon his garage was filled and his car had to stay outside!


Over the years Mike has gained an amazing amount of

knowledge about the construction and development of these machines. His restorations are considered by many to be works of art.


His first love, however, is the Trust but on his days off

he can be found following his other cherished pastime of steam trains.


Mike's motto is "to put the GREAT back into Britain".

The Trustees



Andrew Hall
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